Glade Scented Oils!

I found my favorite candles almost three years ago on a whim. My husband and I had gotten a coupon in the mail to try out Glade’s scented oil candles. Since we both were smokers at the time and had pets we figured we’d give it a try. We took our $3.00 off coupon to the drug store and purchased a trio pack of Dewberry scent. We fell in love instantly. We learned later that they offered numerous other scents and loved them all. They burned for a minimum of three hours and the frangrance lasted at least six. They are nice because for the price the candle burns down to its interity. There is no messy wax as it burns up. And you are left with a metal wick that has a magnet to the glass holder.We were seeking more scents, not knowing that our favorite Apple Cinnamon was a holiday scent, so we contacted Glade only to get a package of $10 worth of coupons to test out some other scents. To our advice they have kept Apple Cinnamon as a yearly scent, no longer seasonal. Because the scented oils require a glass holder they can be placed in any room of your home. The candle itself is colored but once melted it is the clear holder. They have scents such as, apple cinnamon, dewberry, fresh linen, and vanilla. Just to name a few. Along with these Glade offers in an iced holder another favorite scent, peach. It is placed in our bedroom and bathroom. This scent is not an oil but an actual candle but seems to burn slower and have more fragrance. We like it because it is not an overly powerful scent but powerful enough to smell long after extinguished.From looking at local stores such as KMart, Walmart, and Target they offer many other scents. Scents that remind me of a southern home; apple pie, peach, vanilla, etc. All that have smelled wonderful. Not only have we been satisfied with all of the Glade candle products but their price isn’t anything that is too expensive. The most expensive was the holder that we had to purchase, but inside the package was some awesome coupons. There are always sales going on in our local stores and coupons in every Sunday paper that we receive. Such a great deal! My husband and I burn our candles on a daily basis, whether it be to hide the odors of our cigarette smoke, our fragrant dinner (whether it be onions or garlic), or our lovely pet odors. We also like to burn candles during showers, rain storms, and other holidays or special events. We have also given this candles as home welcoming parties and births of children. As a way for the new mom to relax.In closing I would most definitely say that our favorite brand of candle supplier has been the Glade company. We are equally impressed with both their scented oils and their candles in the iced holders. Both make for a wonderful escape to whatever scent we chose to burn (and scents they have plenty!)

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